The story of Cattire

Hi, I’m Mathilde, and Cattire is my bundle of joy. I’d like to tell you my story, from the very beginning, about how Cattire became a reality.

From a very young age fashion, style and everything it contains, has been a passion of mine. I admire the way a look can express our personality, a mood or simply reflect the time we're living in. I have always had the desire to create something special, styles reflecting the person I am. Travelling through different countries and city's like New York, Milan, Paris, Spain and many more teached me a thing or two about the fashion industry. We currently live in a fast-fashion world where it's almost impossible to get to wear your newly bought item before the trend is over. A "buy and throw-away" industry. I quickly realised I wanted to create something meaningful – something that could help the environment in the fashion industry into a more slow-fashion, ethical and eco-friendly business.

During my early years I enjoyed blogging, and was very much into fast-fashion myself so I experienced the endless strive to try and keep up on the trends. It was an eager to have new clothes and outfits to post every day and I honestly never thought twice about the option of wearing the same item more than once. One thing that never added up with having a closet full of clothes and several different pieces, was the fact that I never felt like I had anything to wear. My closet was simply not useful or well thought through. It was a wardrobe full of impulse purchases that did not complement one another in colour, fabric etc. Which was kind of understandable when it was meant for you to crave a new piece 2 weeks later. Nothing ever really matched perfectly together  - and that's where the idea behind Cattire came to mind.  

The idea behind

As I was becoming increasingly frustrated, feeling like I never had the perfect outfit to wear, I knew exactly what Cattire was going to represent.  I want to design clothes which actually match together but still invites the wearer to personalise it in their own way. I needed something timeless, and non-seasonal yet stylish and modern. This is what Cattire is all about.

It’s timeless, it’s classy and it’s already styled for you. Cattire Studio is a slow-fashion brand creating matching sets with an iconic Scandinavian simplicity to it. We offer fashion in small limited collections to minimise waste and because excess is not our style or our desire. Every piece is designed to match and to make your wardrobe more useful. 

So why have a wardrobe full of useless clothes that you never wear, when you can have a simple, stylish and manageable one, with a lot fewer pieces. Pieces that you can mix and match how you like, without ever having to worry about whether or not they complement each other.

I want you to feel comfortable in your own wardrobe without compromising on the quality, the design or the style. My goal is to establish your favourite wardrobe full of loved items. As the collections progress, these are made to complement your current Cattire pieces, encouraging you to wear it over and over again, regardless of the season.
I’ve always dreamt of people appreciating my designs, and I can’t wait for you to (hopefully) mix and match my pieces for a more simple and sustainable wardrobe.

So I welcome you to my non-seasonal, ready-to-wear brand – born out of love for the confident, classy and laid-back woman on the go. I hope you will love it as much as I do.

Ethics & sustainability

Honesty, authenticity and being true to our values are key-words throughout the entire production process of Cattire. All our pieces are ethically produced and manufactured in Greece. Every piece is designed to match and to feel timeless. We want Cattire to be your favourite pieces in your wardrobe and your go-to, no matter the occasion. We believe in slow fashion and timeless design that will work for years to come.

We always want to do our best to make our products as sustainable as possible throughout the whole process from sampling, production to delivery of the finished products. We want to create the classic staples that you reach for season after season with timeless garments in high quality fabrics that are as kind as possible to our beautiful planet. Each collection will be an extension of the last, making it cohesive and easy to mix and match the sets. It’s important to us to contribute to a more sustainable way of living and to the health of our planet.

- We do not pack our garments in individual plastic bags
- We choose to have all production in EU to be able to transport it by truck
- We design matching sets to minimise your wardrobe
- We do not mass produce and will only create limited collections to try and minimise waste
- Every piece of our packaging is made of 100% recycled materials

Factories & fabrics

Greek factories follow European law and policies which was an important factor for me when choosing my factories! The factories has been very carefully chosen in order to guarantee the high-quality standards in all forms.

In my search for the right factory and right fabrics for my production, professional working conditions, teamwork and respecting the environment have been core values for me. My requirements were fully meet by the co-operated units in Greece which I have chosen to collaborate with.
 All suppliers and associates are certified. No harmful chemicals and techniques are used during the intermediary processes.

My team of suppliers are under my close monitoring in every stage.